Honor programmer obligations and generate new revenue with Linear Rights Metadata Management (LRM).

With the proliferation of IP-enabled devices, consumers can try to access regional content when clearances have not been granted for the location, device or time. The LRM service from Comcast Technology Solutions allows programmers to ensure alternate content is delivered to the right audience at the right time.

Linear Right Metadata Management LRM Workflow
Linear Rights Management Benefits:
Provides alternate content options in instances of content blackouts and device restrictions.
Supports the industry shift to terrestrial fiber content delivery.
Dynamically drives schedules into operator EPG workflows.
Rights Metadata Management offers both programmers and operators an aggregation of SCTE 224 events, providing a single feed of rights metadata to the operator.
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Linear Rights Management at a Glance
  • API driven Alternate Content event ingest
  • Standardized support for SCTE 224 ESNI
  • SCTE 224 rules based Management Console
  • SCTE 224 distribution service
  • Operator solutions for SCTE 224 metadata aggregation
  • Policy and audience based decision management


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