Channel Delivery features

Channel Delivery simplifies and automates the process for customers to contribute licensed streams and associated metadata to the cloud-distribution platform of their choice. 

  • Reliable, broadcast-quality channels delivered at scale
  • Traditional satellite and fiber acquisition, as well as IP acquisition over public networks using rUDP technology
  • Processing linear channels with Comcast carrier-grade infrastructure
  • Global architecture 
The easy way to select and serve hundreds of channels to your customers.

Expanding your content and taking advantage of new opportunities can be challenging.  Comcast Technology Solutions’ Channel Delivery service provides a simplified process to get your streams with in the highest quality, wherever you are.

Channel Delivery utilizes a shared transport infrastructure, built with our carrier-grade content delivery network (CDN). By acquiring feeds securely, we can deliver them via a unique, reliable, user datagram protocol (rUDP) CDN stream to edge servers. Our Channel Delivery can help improve delivery speed and playback quality  all while being more cost-effective.

Can we still call it TV? The Evolution of Linear Video

Let’s start by redefining “watching TV” simply as the consumption of linear video — programming that streams to a screen according to a defined schedule, with or without advertising. Now that our screens are no longer just in front of the couch, it’s worth asking: Beyond a truly live event like sports or news broadcasts…is linear video even relevant anymore?

Download our Linear Video Solutions solution brief to learn more.

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