Integrated, managed, seamless

Leverage our engineering and operational expertise in bringing channels together into one fantastic experience. We’ll do it all for you.

As a content owner, you need origination and transmission services that can accommodate all kinds of delivery platforms, from traditional broadcast to live streaming and on demand over-the-top (OTT). The redundant seamless content origination infrastructure and managed service from Comcast Technology Solutions easily scales to facilitate terrestrial, satellite, and online distribution. And, because the Engineering and Operations technical experts are physically in the same room, you receive the highest levels of support and reliability.

Single-system channel routing to thousands of sources and destinations, including broadcast or digital platforms around the world. Seamlessly add additional channels and services to any device.
Advanced 24x7 monitoring, alarming, and self-healing tools that reduce on-air issues and elevate overall quality, combined with cross-platform media management and storage solutions.
Whether it’s Comcast’s domestic U.S. facilities or Sky’s evolutionary new cloud-based architecture, providers get full redundancy and 24x7 master control with layered operational management, engineering, and on-site expertise.
The expertise, innovations, and continuous investment of Sky and Comcast result in a single-partner solution scaled to deliver expansive content offerings, superior live events, or high-priority titles globally.

Deliver more to your viewers around the world with CTS and Sky

Transmit HD, SD, or 4K content around the globe

International MCO: Cloud-based, fully managed, powered by Sky

Flow Chart for EMEA MCO


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