Comcast AdDelivery™ Launches a New Integrated Solution for Managing Television Viewership Promotions

Denver, CO, July 8, 2015 – Comcast AdDelivery, a Comcast Wholesale™ service, today announced an integrated promotional content management solution for cross-channel spots used by cable television networks and other content owners.  The integrated solution provides a single platform for cable operators and multichannel video programming distributors (MVPDs) to manage promotional content and national, regional or local media placements purchased by the content owner.

The integration of promotional spot delivery into Comcast AdDelivery’s platform features a comprehensive quality control solution that supports a wide variety of video and audio formats.  Promotional content can be transcoded into the exact required receiver format, saving extra steps in the content management workflow.

The new promo workflow also integrates with Comcast AdDelivery’s ad management solutions. This results in unified delivery of “tune-in” TV spots and other promotional content into the traffic management systems used by TV networks, individual broadcast TV stations and cable operators. It allows content owners to direct and monitor the placement of cross-channel marketing materials that will be secured through purchasing ad avails on other TV networks or broadcast and cable outlets. The workflow also supports locally inserted promotional spots while using a single, automated and cloud-based workflow.

The workflow can be used to upload, store and track cross-channel spots and other promotional content that will be downloaded for tagging with local information, such as channel numbers or affiliate/distributors branding, and inserted onto a local ad avail. The fully-automated solution shortens the timeframe required for distributing viewership promotions from days to hours.

“Comcast Wholesale is committed to bringing simplified solutions to the distribution ecosystem that revolutionize and drive efficiency into an extremely complex marketplace,” said Todd Porch, Vice President Comcast Wholesale.  “With cross-channel promotion becoming increasingly important for driving viewership, these enhancements serve as yet another example of how our innovation is keeping our customers at the forefront of the market.”

Capable of delivering tens of thousands of HD and SD ads per day, with orders often sent within less than two hours using Comcast’s 100G fiber backbone, Comcast AdDelivery currently provides ad distribution services for over 10,000 national, regional and local advertisers.  Its footprint encompasses the vast majority of all U.S. broadcast and cable television channels as well as local broadcast television stations, local cable ad sales operations and other MVPDs, local radio stations and Web-based video content providers. 

About Comcast AdDelivery

As part of the Comcast Wholesale portfolio of services, Comcast AdDelivery operates an automated video asset management solution that utilizes Comcast’s 100G fiber backbone for cost-effective, customizable and secure delivery of HD and SD television advertising spots to national, regional and local media destinations across the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico. Comcast AdDelivery provides advertisers, agencies and post houses a fast, efficient and reliable method for managing and distributing video assets from postproduction to broadcast. More information may be found here.

About Comcast Wholesale

Comcast Wholesale, a wholly owned subsidiary of Comcast Cable, is in the business of pioneering simple solutions for our customers. Our complete approach takes the complexities out of distribution through advanced network architecture, an extensive distribution footprint, continuous innovation of digital technologies, and optimized media management for a broad range of content. Scalable from small independents to global companies, our service portfolio creates a clear path to technologies that let you do more and do more simply. To find out how to simplify your world, click here.


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