Comcast Technology Solutions Unveils AdFusion: A Game-Changing Platform for Streamlined Advertising Operations

PHILADELPHIA , PA – June 12 – Comcast Technology Solutions (CTS), a leading provider of media and entertainment technology, is proud to announce the launch of AdFusion™, a revolutionary online platform designed to transform advertising operations. AdFusion will launch in June, offering advertisers a comprehensive solution to streamline and automate creative activation. 
AdFusion combines an advertiser's latest media buys with final creative metadata and assets, enabling seamless creation and delivery of traffic instructions and creative assets to a wide range of destinations. CTS has partnered with industry-leading solutions such as Mediaocean, The TEAM Companies, Peach, Storyteq, and Ad-ID, centralizing data and automating upstream and downstream processes to ensure consistent, accurate data throughout the advertising lifecycle. 
Built around the core themes of "Better," "Faster," and "Smarter," AdFusion offers unique benefits in the market: 

  • Better: Enhanced data consistency and accuracy by centralizing and integrating with industry-leading partners, reducing the risk of errors in traffic instructions and asset delivery. 

  • Faster: Streamlined workflows and automation to expedite the entire process, from final media buy to traffic instruction creation and asset delivery, ultimately accelerating campaign launches. 

  • Smarter: Intelligent platform that adapts to clients' needs, offering a more efficient and effective way of managing advertising operations. 

Initially supporting TV, radio, and online video channels, AdFusion plans to expand its offerings to include display, print, out-of-home (OOH), and other advertising channels. The platform's unique features and benefits set it apart in the market, providing a comprehensive solution to challenges faced by today's advertisers. 
"Advertisers and agencies alike must solve for increasing complexity in an industry that’s constantly accelerating,” said Peter Gibson, VP, Product & Marketing, Streaming, Broadcast & Advertising at Comcast Technology Solutions. “We’re proud to introduce AdFusion – our enhanced platform to streamline and automate advertising operations and creative activation – to give companies a technology approach that evolves and scales to their needs. AdFusion saves time and resources, but also enhances data accuracy, ultimately helping our clients to achieve better results in their campaigns." 

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