CTS Delivers the Euros this Summer via Cloud Video Platform

As the 2024 UEFA European Championship (the Euros) heads into the halfway point of the tournament, CTS’s Streaming, Broadcast and Advertising (SB&A) team is getting in on the action with innovative infrastructure contributions and revolutionizing the way viewers experience and engage with the competition.

The team is elevating the Euros to new heights through their partnership with Deutsche Telekom (DT) by sourcing and providing the platform for television consumption across many countries in Europe via the Cloud Video Platform (CVP).

When it pertains to soccer/futbol, there will be millions of eyes on the Euros: 51 matches, all hosted in Germany at various venues and several games that will be exclusive to DT from June 14 until July 14.

“One of CTS’s key customer’s is Deutsche Telekom, a large provider in Europe, and its flagship country is in Germany,” said Bill Calton, VP, Global Operations, SB&A. “Our mission is connecting Comcast technology to the world, which means connecting people to the content they love, and nothing epitomizes that more than live sports.”

The CVP simplifies the management, monetization and publishing of video to any device, any destination and from anywhere. The CVP enables flexible monetization and optimizes workflows and the distribution of video on demand (VOD), live events, linear channels and syndication.

“We’ve covered other high-profile events, champions league and various other soccer-focused leagues, but nothing as big as this. This is almost like hosting a Super Bowl,” Bill explained.

Bill also mentioned how successfully completing this event will demonstrate to the global market that the system is capable of handling unprecedented scale.

“Being able to support an event at this level takes a lot of capabilities operationally and from an engineering standpoint. It will put a lot of wind in the sails of our teams in the US, Europe and Chennai to be able to prepare and execute this flawlessly. Also, being able to partner with Stephanie Trotter, SVP, Cloud Technologies, and her team was key.

They managed all the key infrastructure and data centers that underlies these efforts,” he shared.

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