Hubbl launches in Australia!

CTS helps Foxtel Group deliver a new way to search less and watch more  

Foxtel Group’s vision for Hubbl was to create a new streaming platform that makes it easier for viewers to connect with more of the content they love. Just like consumers around the world, Australian audiences are faced with an often-intimidating array of services and destinations. Foxtel saw an immediate need to design a new platform that could “bring it all into one place,” giving people a centralized, intelligent hub that would shorten and straighten the line between each piece of content and its newest fans.  

Lots of choice is great – Hubbl makes choosing easier

Available as either a streaming box or through a smart TV known as Hubbl Glass, Hubbl brings the best available streaming and entertainment services into one comprehensive experience.  Easy to set up, and powered by Comcast’s Entertainment OS it incorporates innovations in recommendation technology that assist viewers as they navigate through their multitude of subscriptions and services, offering up great programming that they might not have discovered otherwise. Hubbl provides unique features such as Stack & Save, and Single View billing, making it easier for users with multiple streaming services to manage their setups and subscription costs. 

Hubbl gets smarter as it goes – not just for the consumer experience but also for the Hubbl team. The CTS partnership rests on a foundation of continuous insight and improvement, with crucial feedback returned to Hubbl on  how to improve the entire experience for Hubbl subscribers.

Entertainment OS: the brains behind the box 

Entertainment OS from Comcast is the core intelligence behind Hubbl’s fantastic new streaming experience and continues to be syndicated by operators around the world to give consumers more command, more control, and more reasons to keep watching. As more devices adopt the Entertainment OS experience – from set-top boxes to complete TV systems like Sky’s own Sky Glass, providers can really own the experience at the heart of the home, and turn a complicated video ecosystem into a fun, engaging time that makes the most of the best screen in the home.  

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