Exceed consumer demand and quality expectations with a content distribution network built specifically to transport large media objects.

Content owners face significant challenges as consumers’ expectations for the quality, reliability and speed of online media continue to grow. To meet these demands for our own customers, Comcast built a content delivery network (CDN) that leverages the massive scale and lightning speed of the Comcast network. Using the Comcast CDN (available from Comcast Technology Solutions) and its hardened infrastructure, your media will be delivered at broadcast quality without sacrificing download speed.

How is the Comcast CDN Different?
Purpose-built for broadcast-quality media delivery.
Allows for seamless integration with your existing publishing and delivery workflows.
Seamlessly weaves into your multi-CDN fabric.
Powerful suite of standards-based features provides visibility and control.
Secure, open-source technologies eliminate the risk of being locked into a proprietary solution.
Enables future over-the-top trends, such as HDR and UHD/4K video.
Robust Network Built Specifically for Large Media Distribution

Comprised of 100 cache locations, 18 network interconnect locations, and direct connections to over 250 networks, the Comcast CDN offers full support for all forms of HTTP-based media and enables a seamless experience across any device.  The Comcast CDN is ideal for:

  • Broadcast and Cable Networks
  • Online Content Owners and TV Everywhere Providers
  • Gaming Companies
  • Software Companies
Powering Yahoo's Video Experience
"We are working closely with Comcast to deliver an amazing video experience to users on Yahoo. This partnership, as part of our multi-CDN strategy, is something we are excited about and look forward to continued collaboration.”
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