Exceed consumer demand and quality expectations with a content distribution network built specifically to transport video

Content owners face significant challenges as consumers’ expectations for the quality, reliability and speed of online media continue to grow. To meet these demands for our own customers, Comcast built a content delivery network (CDN) that leverages the massive scale and lightning speed of the Comcast network. Using the Comcast CDN (available from Comcast Technology Solutions) and its hardened infrastructure, your media will be delivered at broadcast quality without sacrificing download speed.

Comcast CDN Content Delivery Network Map
Origin Key Benefits
Comcast Origin storage and just-in-time processing simplifies and optimizes your digital video workflow. Pair with the Comcast CDN for best-in-class digital video delivery, or leverage multiple CDN providers.
Integrate seamlessly with the mpx content management system. Enable delivery to a wide range of playback clients and consumer devices from a single input format.
Minimize storage requirements with dynamic packaging. Support large-scale digital media delivery with high performance, high-capacity storage.
Leverage the power of one of the largest converged IP networks in the world. Adapt your output strategy without reprocessing your entire library.
Run on the Comcast network from a certified secure data center. Secure content with just-in-time encryption.
Enable Your Multi-CDN Strategy
Content providers can leverage Comcast's multi-CDN fabric to deliver broadcast-quality content over the Comcast CDN and other CDNs using intelligent switching technology. Benefits of a multi-CDN strategy include:

Ensuring broadcast quality with quicker playback start times, less re-buffering, higher average bitrate delivery, and outage avoidance.

Optimizing costs through the application of performance-based and static business rules, while reducing storage and egress costs through a single CDN-agnostic origin.

Comcast CDN Content Delivery Network workflow

Better Together

Powering Yahoo's Video Experience
"We are working closely with Comcast to deliver an amazing video experience to users on Yahoo. This partnership, as part of our multi-CDN strategy, is something we are excited about and look forward to continued collaboration.”
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