Applicaster is a global technology company focused on the publishing, media, and entertainment industries that provides a SaaS-based platform to simplify the design, development, iteration, and management of direct-to-consumer rich media apps. 

The combination of Applicaster and CTS offers a uniquely scalable and modular approach to building and powering top-tier media app experiences across a wide range of devices. 

Applicaster’s official mpx plugin enables mpx users to seamlessly integrate their content into their apps, piping tailored feeds into beautiful and dynamically customizable UI components, without requiring new builds or development work to change content organization.

Through Applicaster’s unique plugin infrastructure, mpx content can be easily complemented with other plugins in the Applicaster ecosystem as well, such as a variety of video players and analytics providers. 

Login and payment gateways can be triggered upon app launch or video play, with the ability for clients to customize the UI of these screens and even specify UX flow decisions without requiring custom development. 

For more information on how Applicaster can accelerate your app development, take your app capabilities further, and lower your app design and management costs, please contact

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