Streamline video syndication and management across devices with the leading cloud video platform.

The Cloud Video Platform (formerly known as mpx) simplifies the management, monetization and publishing of video across platforms. We offer end-to-end and modular solutions that save both time to market and minimize the total cost of deployment. Our Cloud Video Platform enables flexible monetization and optimizes workflows and the distribution of video on demand (VOD), live events, linear channels and syndication. Plus, server-side ad insertion (SSAI) protects the quality of your playback – and your advertising – at the same time.


The CTSuites put media companies of all stripes on track to delivering great video experiences that delight audiences everywhere. From developer-friendly APIs and detailed code samples, we’ve got a lot to share. Contact us to learn more.

A Player built specifically for advertising and monetization
The Player Development Kit 6 (PDK 6) was developed exclusively for Comcast Technology Solutions’ Cloud Video Platform. PDK 6 was built from the ground up to optimize time-to-first-frame on all major browsers, enhance the viewer experience and speed ad loads.
Built in HTML5
Single player across browsers
Renders ads natively
Supports client & Server-Side Ad Insertion (SSAI)
Minimizes overall cost of deployment
Virtually instant time-to-first-frame
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