ContentWise is the software for one-to-one personalization of TV and Video services. ContentWise learns the tastes and habits of each user and enables the client applications to delight them by anticipating their actions and by surfacing content that is relevant and engaging.

Who will benefit?

ContentWise personalization helps end users to choose among overwhelming amounts of content (and avoids them to resort to inferior but “easier” entertainment options). It allows to deliver a pleasant experience with TV and Video services, cut time-to-content, make users perceive abundance, novelty and encourage frequent returns to the service. ContentWise helps service managers and editorial teams to increase user retention and understand how audiences engage with content. Service managers can change the client application behavior without expensive and time consuming development, QA and roll-out cycles of client software such as set-top box firmware, websites or mobile applications. ContentWise supports Content Planners in evaluating content performance and making better decisions about catalog management and content acquisition and licensing.

How is it different?

The Widest Range of Use Cases and Management Tools

ContentWise enables the widest range of use cases for Discovery, Search and Prediction demanded by modern multi-screen client applications and offers the richest set of web-based management tools to support the work of service managers, editorial staff, content planners, marketers and technical support.

Change Client Behavior from Server Configuration

ContentWise provides a context-aware UX Engine that is configured to match the structure of the user interface and to feed any number of UI components across multiple client platforms. This capability allows operators to change the behavior of the client interfaces by simply modifying a configuration on the server instead of updating the software on each client platform (and go through expensive and time consuming Quality Assurance for STB, iOS, Android, Web, Xbox, Roku, etc).

Integrated Analytics and A|B Testing

ContentWise provides a fully integrated system for interactive big data Analytics and automated Reporting as well as an easy-to-use A|B Testing management system to try different variations of business rules or UI solutions on a subset of the user base.

Personalize UI Elements with Page Optimization

ContentWise offers the unique feature of Page Optimization. Page Optimization allows to further personalize the layout of the user interface and go beyond the traditional recommendation systems (typically limited to suggesting content items). Page Optimization ensures that each user sees the most relevant interface elements and content collections in the first screen and aims at minimizing the need for scrolling. For details on all the use cases that you can enable through ContentWise visit: 

mpx Partnership

ContentWise works as a plug-in of the mpx Player Development Kit (thePlatform PDK) and connects to the mpx API so that customers can benefit from a simple one-step automatic integration. Curious about the power of personalization? Contact us for a chat or a demo at:

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