| June 9, 2023

The advertising revolution in MENA - what next?

Monetisation in MENA: The evolution of video 

Ad-based video experiences in the MENA region are under rapid evolution. Increased investment in digital advertising and the growth of ad-based video (like FAST and AVOD experiences) are creating huge opportunities for media businesses in MENA that have positioned themselves for success. But what does that look like?   
Comcast Technology Solutions invited key industry executives in the region to Dubai Media City to take a deep dive into today’s world of ad-supported content and how the right technology approach is foundational to success throughout the 2020s and beyond.  

Key topics: 

  • What the ad-supported streaming market looks like today in MENA, and how the latest technologies facilitate success 
  • How and why businesses should evolve from audience targeting to contextual advertising. 
  • How business insights and AI/ML can deliver a powerful solution to service the ad market 
  • The success criteria for building and migrating to advertising models in MENA 
  • Why collaboration is critical in today’s media market. 


Panel 1  

The advertising revolution in MENA - what next? 

Moderator: Maria Rua Aguete, Senior Director, Omdia 

  • Maaz Sheikh, CEO and co-founder StarzPlay  
  • Michel Malkoun, Chief Growth Officer Choueiri Group  
  • Lara Al Safadi, Head of Roya Kids & Gaming Unit Roya TV 
  • Natasha Matos Hemingway Chief Commercial and Marketing Officer video on demand (VOD) MBC Shahid