Solution Brief
| June 20, 2023

How OTT is Changing the Role of Operators

The rise of OTT services has had a major impact on the traditional Pay TV business model. In the past, operators were the gatekeepers to content, but now consumers can access a wide variety of streaming services directly. This has led to a decline in traditional pay TV subscriptions, and operators are now looking for new ways to stay relevant.

One way that operators are adapting to the OTT era is by becoming "content shopping malls." Instead of being the sole source of content, operators are now providing a platform for other content providers to reach consumers. This allows operators to offer a wider variety of content to their subscribers, while also generating revenue from advertising and subscriptions.

The future of the Pay TV industry is still uncertain, but it is clear that OTT is here to stay. Operators who are able to adapt to this new reality will be well-positioned to succeed in the years to come.

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