| April 18, 2023

Managing Security, Risk, and Compliance: A Deep Dive with Nicole Bucala

Nicole Bucala, VP and General Manager of Comcast Technology Solutions’ (CTS) new cybersecurity business unit, recently had a chance to speak with host, author and journalist Steve Hamm on a recent episode of Snowflake’s The Data Cloud Podcast.

Join Nicole and Steve for this lively discussion, which covers:

  • The CTS mission to bring innovations developed and used by Comcast internally to market
  • The first offerings of the new cybersecurity BU, including the brand new DataBee™ security data fabric platform and the security and compliance challenges it addresses
  • What made the opportunity to lead the CTS cybersecurity BU so compelling to Nicole
  • The strategic partnership with Snowflake and how CTS and Snowflake work together on DataBee
  • Future trends in the cybersecurity industry
  • Career advice from Nicole for other women looking to get into cybersecurity

Our thanks to partner Snowflake for the opportunity to participate in this informative and interesting podcast.