A comprehensive technology framework for building media processes that learn and evolve at scale

VideoAI (Video Artificial Intelligence) is laying the foundation for simplified management and publishing, and stronger content monetizationVideoAI scans every component of your content – words, pictures, sounds – and provides actionable metadata for applications including segmentation, contextual advertising, and quick preparation of live events to VOD.

  • Smart decisioning with human checks helps ensure brand safety, triggering the right detector at the right time.
  • Scale to Meet Global Demands: Global solutions need a partner who understands international media delivery. We get it – because we do it every day.
  • Fully Managed, Totally Customizable: VideoAI is a fully managed service that provides an optimal experience; one that’s designed for a multitude of uses. Wherever an intelligent system can reduce complexity and cost, and improve outcomes, VideoAI serves as the ground floor for your vision. VideoAI includes 24/7 support.
Segmentation is functionality that leads to a more streamlined experience and provide for more valuable advertising.
Contextual Advertising
VideoAI can increase the value of advertising by serving ads based on contextual information around what’s being watched. VideoAI detects content for brand opportunities or sensitivities, improving the value of every ad break.
From Live to VOD, Faster
Providers can prepare live events for VOD – creating on-the-fly thumbnails, titles, and summaries quickly after a live event has aired.
Contextual Metadata
Fingerprint assets to enrich recommendations to cluster content in a new, unique way
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Comcast Technology Solutions designed VideoAI as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution compatible with any player. Simply put, we developed it as a smarter toolkit specifically built for the demands of modern media. VideoAI is a learning platform that continues to rise in capabilities as new tools and functions emerge.

Together with the Cloud Video Platform in our Direct-to-Consumer Suite, VideoAI lays the foundation for actionable metadata, simplified management and publishing, and stronger content monetization.

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