Take advantage of new advertising opportunities while reducing timely manual efforts

Comcast Technology Solutions’ Supply-side Suite provides a cloud-based ad management platform. Connecting ad buyers and sellers, the platform hosts content in an aggregated library and delivers broadcast-quality ads quickly to any linear and digital destination.

With our services for the supply-side, buyers and sellers have access to a cloud-based universal ad library, which improves the workflow between demand- and supply-side — reducing the amount of time required to place campaigns from days to hours. This centralized platform houses broadcast-quality ads for any device, thereby enabling new monetization strategies with the dynamic swapping of ads. With the ability to respond to changes quickly and make the most of last-minute opportunities, our cloud-based distribution model removes complexity from all sides of the ad distribution spectrum, allowing everyone in the video advertising ecosystem to store, identify, and deliver assets quickly — without duplication.

How we serve the Supply-side

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Deliver broadcast-quality ads to any screen in near-real time.
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