Automate Your YouTube Syndication

It is becoming increasingly common for TV audiences to consume isolated segments of their favorite shows online versus watching the entire episode live. Publishers are quickly learning that syndicating to YouTube is an effective way to generate viral content and capture a new audience. This has been particularly effective for talk shows such as NBC’s “The Tonight Show” and HBO’s “Last Week Tonight.” It is not uncommon for segments of these shows to make their way onto YouTube channels, and then onto other social media sites. Syndicating on YouTube also serves as a great way to monetize using ad insertion either within the segment, or as pre- or post-roll ads.

Easily Publish Content on YouTube

With mpx’s YouTube connectors you can publish content:

  1. Directly to YouTube as a “YouTube Content Partner”


  1. Using the YouTube v3 connector if you do not have Content Partner status.

mpx’s easy-to-use and comprehensive publishing workflow enables you to automatically sync the following content to one or more YouTube channels:

  • Web Video
  • Shows
  • Movies
  • Trailers
  • Music

Behind the Scenes

Publishing content to YouTube is a little different than the typical mpx workflow. The output target is YouTube’s group of servers. The source file and metadata are uploaded directly, and thumbnail and poster files are uploaded as independent files. Fortunately, mpx hides all of this from the user by providing YouTube and YouTube Content Partner accounts in mpx to make the process seamless.

Once your account has been enabled you are ready to publish your media in mpx. Publishing is as simple as sharing your content with thePlatform’s YouTube account and mpx will manage the uploading of your media, metadata, and thumbnails to your YouTube channel(s).

Expanding Access to Your Content

Syndication is a great way to get more eyes on your videos and increase viewer engagement. YouTube lays claim to more than 1 billion users and “…more than a million channels in dozens of countries are earning revenue from the YouTube Partner Program.”* mpx makes it easy for you to get the most out of YouTube and other syndication outlets. The mpx Feeds Service can reliably deliver video catalogs to syndication outlets and video search engines. When the feed is updated with new content, the outlet channels automatically receive the new media. mpx’s YouTube connectors allow you to quickly setup the physical files and metadata for syndication and operationalize its delivery.

In addition to media syndication, mpx also allows you to use the two other syndication methods: player and feeds. This flexibility is important, because syndication partners often use different syndication methods. E.g., some outlets might only use media, whereas others might use both media and feeds, but not the player. With mpx, you can not only syndicate with each method, but also automate the entire process.

[1] Statistics provided by YouTube Press Statistics (