Comcast Technology Solutions adds support for Adobe Primetime Cloud DRM

For programmers offering TV Everywhere solutions, mpx automates your publishing workflows and provides the ability to package content that utilizes Adobe Primetime and Adobe Primetime Cloud DRM ensuring that the agreed-to content rights of both TV Service Providers and Programming Networks are honored.

mpx and Adobe Primetime

mpx combined with Adobe Primetime Player delivers a best of breed solution:

  • mpx will package and encrypt content for Adobe Primetime.
  • mpx provides a dynamic entitlements system for setting rights for each user and play request. mpx then enforces these rights via license keys issued by Adobe Primetime Cloud DRM.
  • Using Adobe Primetime Authentication, programmers can leverage the integration between the subscriber entitlement information stored within mpx and the Adobe Primetime Player.
  • mpx enables playback from the Primetime Player SDK and leverages the reach of the Adobe Primetime Player to drive direct-to-consumer subscriptions using mpx to improve content discovery, define subscriber packages, and manage video commerce and entitlements solutions.

About Adobe Primetime Cloud DRM

Adobe Primetime Cloud DRM is an Adobe managed service delivering robust security through Hardware Security Modules (HSMs), redundancy, and a scalable architecture that is always up-to-date with the compliance and robustness rules.

Adobe Primetime Cloud DRM enables content providers to:

  • Simplify DRM by using a single platform to protect, publish, and monetize content to desktops, tablets, smartphones, set-top boxes, and game consoles.
  • Offer protected streaming within later-window news and sports content. The license is bound to the content, so it’s highly protected, but infinitely scalable.
  • Meet the exacting requirements of operators, with the most scalable protection for linear and live content along with key rotation, license chaining, license caching, and root-leaf licenses.

Best of Breed Solutions

thePlatform and Adobe are working together to deliver video content with the broadest reach built on the most scaleable automation and publishing platform. Learn more about the future of television or by contacting thePlatform for more information.