Elemental Technologies Webinar for mpx Replay

Broadcasters around the world are grappling with how to make their linear TV broadcasts available for instant replay on any screen, while enforcing viewing or advertising policies. mpx Replay is a premium service offered as part of thePlatform’s mpx video publishing system, designed to expedite the conversion of linear TV channels for catch-up or C3/C7 video, and provide numerous benefits to broadcasters seeking to make their linear TV channels available for instant replay across devices.

Dave Browne, Senior Technical Program Manager at thePlatform, recently teamed up with our friends at Elemental Technologies for a webinar describing the features and benefits of mpx Replay.

More than half of TV audiences (55%) cite schedule flexibility and convenience as the main reason for watching TV content on the internet. And 46% of millennials’ viewing is typically watched in a time-shifted manner. Since we’re all changing how we watch, broadcasters must adapt and provide content across mobile, broadband and other types of devices. Dave explains Replay’s key features that help content providers, including asset creation for publishing and distribution, automated metadata to support richer search and discovery, pre-set availability windows, ad policy enforcement, and increased monetization options, TV Data Services, Elemental’s Just-In-Time packaging and more.