Envivio/Comcast Technology Solutions Joint Cloud DVR Solution

The combination of Envivio Halo with thePlatform mpx Replay allows operators to further personalize the user experience based on individual viewer requests including time-shifted TV, social and personalized TV — without requiring significant changes in the existing multi-screen infrastructure. This solution is fully commercially available in support of all cloud DVR applications including time-shifted TV, Restart TV and Catch-up TV.

Incorporating ‘Start-over’ and ‘Catch-up’ viewing combines the excitement of ‘the latest episode’ with the convenience of being able to watch it whenever the viewer wants. With Start-over, you can tune into a live broadcast of a show ten minutes late and start the show over. With Catch-up, you can completely miss its live broadcasting and watch it two hours later. With these two new ways to deliver TV content, a viewer no longer has to wait several hours or even days for the latest episode of a show to appear in VOD.

Besides enriching the viewer’s experience mpx Replay and Halo allow broadcasters to fully monetize their C3/C7 advertising windows. The instant availability of start-over assets, that are carrying the broadcast advertising payload, increase to viewing scores thereby increasing the value of the asset.

In combination with Envivio Halo, thePlatform’s mpx Replay lets media companies easily add Start-over and Catch-up to the TV menu. Designed to be a simple, lights-out workflow through one centralized video management system, mpx Replay lets media companies enter metadata and business policies once and automatically applies them as content transitions from linear channels to Start-Over and Catch-up TV to VOD.