Blog | Philip Voelker
August 16, 2022

Global Advertising: the connected, collaborative ecosystem

Turns out, global events present tremendous learning experiences for advertisers.

In this business, thoughts about “agility,” “time-to-market,” and “personalization” are used every day, but the rapid pace of upheaval in 2020 and 2021, whether it be from pandemic or social unrest, gave advertisers real-world opportunities to test their mettle; to see if their processes and technologies could:

  • shift at the speed of their audiences,
  • deliver ads on-time to every screen, and
  • collaborate with providers and emerging media platforms in order to inform data-driven content decisions more effectively.

If all the world’s a stage, it’s incumbent on advertisers and agencies to be positioned for success before the curtain lifts.

“The international advertising ecosystem has really evolved dramatically in a very short time,” says Simon Morris, Head of Enterprise Sales for CTS’ Advertising Suite. “On one hand, from a content standpoint you’ve got to be prepared with media and messaging for different consumers, and be able to execute or pivot at a moment’s notice. On the other hand, the complexity of executing accurately, from country to country, is an enormous undertaking. This is precisely why we’ve developed such solid foundational partnerships with companies like Peach, Innovid, and The Team Companies.”

Peach: Connected data and local support to “de-frag” the ad ecosystem

If you’ve ever de-fragmented your computer’s hard drive, then you’ve cleaned up your data so the entire system can run more smoothly. Peach is a lynchpin in a comprehensive global ad operation, currently enjoying its 25th year serving advertisers agencies, broadcasters, and publishers by bridging the data divide across a global customer base. Together, we offer a full-service solution to deliver spots to viewers in more than 100 countries. This partnership results in a comprehensive video ad management solution with a global network of local experts to provide reliable, trusted, centralized control of increasingly complex ad operations.

The combination of Peach’s local expertise and global capabilities deliver benefits that extend all the way into reporting that capitalizes on the connected data to bring back insights across the global ecosystem. Their agnostic API integrations across ad ecosystems, and collaboration with companies like Innovid, another one of our partners and one of the world’s largest independent ad platforms, elevate the benefits even further:

Innovid:  Innovations for every ad experience

Earlier this year, Peach announced their platform integration with Innovid. This successful integration leverages the Innovid Creative Bridge to make moving content between platforms and customer folders seamless and straightforward. It’s more than just a process improvement: Peach stewards creative assets through rigorous accuracy and quality controls, managing distribution to eliminate the need for duplicative file uploads and downloads. From there, Innovid’s ad serving and hosting, as well as their creative toolsets, allow clients to customize content, get it to the right screen, track it, and then optimize performance – a continuous improvement loop.

The TEAM Companies (TTC) – a strategic alliance for metadata mastery

The complexity of modern advertising doesn’t just apply to the fragmented device / viewer ecosystem. Advertising is a creative endeavor, which means contracts, agreements, and talent / usage rights that vary wildly from asset to asset. Violations in rights or permissions aren’t just costly in financial terms but can also damage valuable relationships that need to be protected. Global advertising efforts take an already-complex problem and give it more to contend with. CTS’ Ad Management Platform is deeply integrated with the TTC platform to solve for all of it, providing end-to-end control of commercial rights management. Advertising companies can now track an asset’s use across media channels to ensure adherence to rights and policies no matter when or where an ad gets played.

Last year, TTC joined forces with Cast & Crew, a powerhouse that has served the entertainment industry for decades with financial services like residuals, payroll, and taxes. The union bolsters TTC’s strength, and its ability to expand services and global expertise.

Ultimately, it’s all about campaign performance

To be an advertiser in today’s global ecosystem is sort of like being an action hero on top of a bullet train racing at top speed. The real-time demands and the need for accurate execution are all built on top of technology that’s moving at a breakneck pace. Fortunately, there are experts in the disciplines, tools, and techniques needed to inform and act accurately on today’s decisions, and illuminate the path forward. As advertisers, agencies and providers learn to build a more efficient, simplified, and intelligent operation, they increase the amount of time and resources they can focus on understanding and optimizing performance across every active campaign.