Introducing mpx Dedicated Support

As audiences demand TV Everywhere, our customers and broadcast partners are developing more comprehensive mpx solutions. These sometimes require reps from thePlatform who know their clients’ workflow inside and out. Therefore, we’re rolling out a new level of premium service, which we call “Dedicated Support.”

Dedicated Support is exactly what the name implies – A Premium service experience via a team that understands your unique mpx solution.

The service provides benefits through all parts of your ongoing mpx solution lifecycle:

  • Focus: A consistent, named support representative with understanding of your mpx solution, including any custom code.
    • Prioritized resolution. This team only works on your tickets.
    • Solution documentation is provided for support consistency and concurrency.
    • Defined escalation path with 3rd party vendors
    • Another advocate for feature requests and enhanced functionality
  • Planning: Proactive operational strategy and management
    • Regular meetings to review open tickets, recent incidents, and mpx performance
    • mpx deployment notifications of product updates with any implication to your workflows.
  • Rapid Response: Preparation and Readiness with 24×7×365 first line escalation support
    • Real-time Incident Response Management and communication.
    • Root Cause Analysis (RCA) review and solution impact

“We’re excited to roll this out! A lot of our customers will find tremendous value in Dedicated Support.”says Brian Hanson, Executive Director of Network Operations at thePlatform. “Whether it’s the consistent and customized coverage, the forward looking planning, or the knowledge that we’ve got them covered 24×7, our customers will know they have an expert looking out for them.”

Dedicated Support Specialists are available on 1/3 time, 2/3 time and full time basis. For more information, contact your Account Executive.