Moving at the Speed of Industry Change

Your content is critical and demands the best user experience to drive further engagement and support your business requirements. The mpx Player and Player Development Kit (PDK) is a high-performance, cross-platform HTML5 video player that loads quickly, delivers high-quality adaptive bitrate video across mobile and desktop platforms, and integrates with the leading advertising and analytics systems. Our mpx Player leads the industry with extensive user experience customization along with a responsive design enabling you to present your content in the best light, monetize your content, measure user engagement, enable social sharing, and is supported by an extensive plug-in ecosystem.


thePlatform’s mpx Player

Based on industry standard HTML5 and modern JavaScript APIs, our mpx Player allows you to build one player for both mobile and desktop applications enabling faster time to market and better overall performance. The mpx Player supports standard media file formats including Apple HTTP Live Streaming (HLS), Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP (DASH), Microsoft Smooth Streaming, and Adobe HTTP Dynamic Streaming (HDS).

The mpx Player drives your monetization strategy with both client and server side ad insertion available to support and protect your monetization efforts, including C3/C7 ad insertion, from Freewheel, Doubleclick, and more. In addition our mpx Player supports industry standard VAST, VPAID, and VMAP ad playlist formats.

Simplified Workflow

mpx Players allow you to create a unified workflow across web and mobile devices using HLS Everywhere to automatically select the optimal format and bitrate based on the device, browser, and operating system – even for platforms that do not have native HLS capacity. The mpx Player and HLS Everywhere relieves you of the burden of encoding separate videos and files for the various devices and browsers saving valuable time, storage costs, and simplifying your workflow. The mpx Player automatically detects the player connection speed and selects the video resolution and bitrate that delivers the best viewing experience.

Alternate Audio

With alternate audio tracks, users have the option to listen to the video stream in a different language or to select a different commentary. This eliminates the need to have multiple renditions of the video, one for each language in each bitrate. The mpx Player and PDK support alternate audio tracks for HLS and Adobe HDS media formats.

Rich Ecosystem

Our player environment is supported by a network of partners and plug-ins that make it easy to manage, monitor, and monetize your content. For example, enable the comScore plugin from the leading video analytics provider to generate comprehensive Quality of Service (QoS) and media Usage reports in mpx and gain valuable insight for user engagement and advertising planning.

Continuous Improvement

The mpx Player is designed with performance and flexibility in mind. Maintaining compliance with evolving standards and supporting new plugin opportunities is critical to staying ahead as the online video marketplace grows. mpx Player is leading the way with HTML5, HLS Everywhere, Server Side Ad Insertion, and maintaining compliance with the FCC mandated 21st Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act (CVAA) with support for SRP, DFXP, SMPTE-TT, CEA 608/708, and the WebVTT closed caption formats. The mpx Player increases user engagement with en extensive ecosystem and rich functionality exposed in the PDK APIs.