Publishing with mpx Accelerate

mpx provides the features and functionality needed to present your content in the best possible light. Every time. With mpx Accelerate, we provide you with predefined Publishing Profiles that have been vetted by today’s leading pay TV operators to ensure that the renditions produced are optimized for playback across every screen and are efficiently rendered. This saves you valuable time when producing renditions, but more importantly delivers a positive and engaging experience to your viewers.

mpx Accelerate & 1 File, 1 URL

mpx Accelerate and 1 File, 1 URL make it easy to automate your transcoding workflow.

mpx Accelerate is a cloud-based service that streamlines publishing workflow. It also includes a media library for storing high-resolution mezzanine files and predefined Publishing Profiles that always deliver optimized video file for playback for all popular devices. In addition, mpx Accelerate provides “elastic transcoding” services that rapidly process mezzanine files and is architected to be able to handle concurrent transcoding.

1 File, 1 URL is an mpx feature that eliminates the need to point a specific rendition at a specific device based on device type, bandwidth, screen resolution, etc. With 1 File, 1 URL, you simply publish a single playback URL and let mpx do the rest. When the playback device performs a media request using the provided URL, the mpx Selector Service will deliver the optimal playback file to the device.

Supporting Atypical Workflows

mpx Acclerate’s predefined Publishing Profiles were designed to meet the transcoding requirements of some of the worlds largest pay TV operators. However, it is not uncommon to have scenarios where these standard profiles do not align with your transcoding needs. This is where mpx really shines.

For example, lets say your content library includes mezzanine media recorded at a low bit rate. Most often, you would not want this media to be up-sampled. However, you probably would still want to generate renditions that offer the full resolution range, along with the appropriate bitrate based on the mezzanine. mpx Accelerate offers a high degree of flexibility for these scenarios. Enabling “Source Bitrate Passthrough” in the mpx Console ensures that the highest quality rendition is available for all devices, even with low bit rate mezzanine assets and without having to create custom XML.

Mezz: 1280×720 @ 1Mbps
Source Bitrate Passthrough = True

1280×720 1Mbps

960×720 1Mbps

640×360 664Kbps

480×270 464Kbps

416×234 232Kbps

To illustrate, lets continue the above example using a mezzanine file based on a 1280×720 resolution and 1Mbps bitrate. With Source Bitrate Passthrough enabled, mpx Accelerate will generate the following renditions:

These renditions will then provide the full range of resolutions. Optimal bitrates are rendered for the mezzanine file without losing further ABR quality for the highest available resolutions.