Go live with a fully managed service from signal through delivery.

Live streaming remains one of the fastest-growing components of the video market. There are no second chances for a real-time program. That means you need to get it right the first time, every time, to every screen. As your technology and delivery partner, Comcast Technology Solutions provides well-planned execution, industry-leading technology innovations, and time-tested approaches that have evolved to bring broadcast and digital into a converged delivery workflow. From signal acquisition, processing and post-production work, all the way to delivery via the internet or to broadcast affiliates, our dedicated team provides a fully-managed service for programming at any scale.

Live Events Streaming at a Glance
  • Support traditional signal acquisition, and carry the same broadcast level quality throughout the entire event workflow.
  • Deliver directly to your end users over the Internet or to your distribution affiliates over traditional broadcast infrastructure including satellite uplink, fiber transport, or IP over the Internet.
  • End-to-end service includes signal acquisition, post-production services, content processing, and enables multi-CDN distribution.
  • Dedicated event engineers from content production to user experience allow customers to focus on what they do best 
  • Fully-managed service from redundant signal acquisition through delivery or "a la carte" service options.
  • Simulated live events uses file-based assets added to a playout server and processed as live. To an end user, it seems like a live event.

Better Together

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