Trust our experience in putting on regional and global live programming events to satisfy viewers at the highest scale.

Live streaming remains one of the fastest-growing components of the video market. There are no second chances for a real-time program. That means you need to get it right the first time, every time, to every screen. As your technology and delivery partner, Comcast Technology Solutions provides well-planned execution, industry-leading technology innovations, and time-tested approaches that have evolved to bring broadcast and digital into a converged delivery workflow. From signal acquisition, processing and post-production work, all the way to delivery via the internet or to broadcast affiliates, our dedicated team provides a fully-managed service for programming at any scale.

Flexible suite of powerful features
Our live event streaming services support everything from a single over-the-top (OTT) simulcast to a complete TV Everywhere (TVE) experience.
Comcast quality and reliability
Operate in a fully redundant and continuously monitored infrastructure with dedicated engineering resources and hundreds of existing mezzanine feeds running through our carrier-grade facilities.
Proven infrastructure and integrated workflows
From content acquisition to delivery and playout, our proven infrastructure and online video management system work in concert with Comcast’s network and CDN.
Remote and TV
You're only live once
  • Support traditional signal acquisition, and carry the same broadcast level quality throughout the entire event workflow.
  • Deliver directly to your end users over the Internet or to your distribution affiliates over traditional broadcast infrastructure including satellite uplink, fiber transport, or IP over the Internet.
  • End-to-end service includes signal acquisition, post-production services, content processing, and enables multi-CDN distribution.
  • Dedicated event engineers from content production to user experience allow customers to focus on what they do best 
  • Fully-managed service from redundant signal acquisition through delivery or "a la carte" service options.
  • Simulated live events uses file-based assets added to a playout server and processed as live. To an end user, it seems like a live event.
Couple watching screen
Better together: Live events + LRM

The unpredictable nature of live events is what keeps people glued to their screens – and it also brings unique delivery challenges to providers. Does the program have specific restrictions around where it can be viewed, or on which device? Do some regions need an alternate content choice to fill the same time? What if the program runs longer (or shorter) than expected? We developed Linear Rights Management (LRM) to handle our own complex delivery needs. LRM normalizes metadata feeds into one XML format and provides a simple desktop console that allows for real-time changes to linear events, easy updates to policies and audience definitions, and high visibility into programming schedules and event activity.

Coupling these two offerings enables content and streaming providers to deliver the highest quality linear video with Comcast’s proven infrastructure and provides distribution partners with execution instructions to guarantee the rights are handled correctly.

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