Comprehensive user and activity profiles
Comprehensive user and activity profiles

Make manually correlating entity information a relic of the past with DataBee. Entity-centric views of a user or devices and their activities are created using entity resolution by aggregating information from multiple data sources, merging duplicate entries, and suggesting potential owners for devices and assets. Monitor users throughout the network even as IP addresses change over time and different logs refer to the same entity by different names.

Discover deviations in behaviors
Discover deviations in behaviors

Get a bird’s-eye view of deviations from normal baselined patterns with Entity Views in the DataBee console. Gain an actionable chronological analysis with Entity Timelines, tracing when resources were accessed and the interaction between entities and applications. With DataBee, security analysts have “time awareness” and visibility into who, what, and when anomalous behaviors were detected in addition to comparing the current information of a user or device with any point earlier in the timeline.

Enhance security workflow responses
Enhance security workflow responses

DataBee assists in insider threat investigations with integrations to your security workflows. The enhanced security findings and context can be sent for security automation and to help improve anomaly detection models. Security and data engineers can use Jupyter Notebooks, Python, SQL, and other languages directly on the transformed security data to craft AI/ML models that learn from your data, adjusting baseline behaviors using your business context including organizational hierarchy, business line, level, location, and other information.

Detect insider threats over the stream
Detect insider threats over the stream

DataBee helps you sift through high-volume data sources, applying Active Detection Streams that send logs that trigger a potential insider threat alert for analysis. Additionally, with native Sigma rules support, DataBee lets you create correlation rules once without needing to update log parsers or vendor-specific security detection content.

What makes DataBee a standout for insider threat monitoring and hunting

DataBee from Comcast Technology Solutions creates connected security and compliance data and insights that can work for everyone.

As a security, risk, and compliance data fabric platform, DataBee delivers data-driven insights for effective insider risk detection and mitigation. By auto-correlating and enriching entity information, DataBee creates an entity timeline, associating each log with the correct entity at the time it generated the log. After data is ingested, the platform processes the data and aggregates information from the multiple data sources, merges duplicate entries and suggests potential owners for devices and assets.

Identify suspicious patterns

Unify user & device visibility

DataBee products powered by the Hive

DataBee for Continuous Controls Monitoring (CCM)

Strengthen all three lines of defense by automating and collaborating on security controls that help you close compliance gaps faster with DataBee CCM

DataBee for PCI-DSS 4.0 preparedness

Prepare for fast-approaching PCI-DSS 4.0 audit deadlines with less stress using prebuilt dashboards that provide a consistent view of controls compliance

DataBee for Security Threats

Feel confident in your security coverage with insights and context across users and devices for all security events.

DataBee for Security Hygiene

Improve your organization’s security hygiene with more accurate insights into the assets in your environment.
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