Use your business data to help improve threat detections

Threat hunters are wasting valuable time deciphering noisy datasets, merging duplicative fields, pivoting between tools, and manually correlating entity information. With DataBee EntityViews™, security analysts have access to clean, contextualized data that makes threat hunting fun and engaging by identifying and prioritizing high-risk threats.

With patent-pending entity resolution technology, DataBee™ can help you improve threat hunting and increase operational efficiency by providing a more complete timeline of activities from users and devices in an organization. Threat Detection Views provide an easy way to address significant security findings without triaging alerts from multiple tools.

Business context gives you confidence in your results
Business context gives you confidence in your results

Threat hunters want to have the right context at their fingertips to act quickly based on relevancy and severity of the risk. DataBee gives security analysts more accurate datasets and fewer false positives by improving security hygiene and merging security and IT data with business context – including non-traditional data sources. Security, risk, and business data are transformed into a unified data layer that would typically be scattered across various storage forms and tools into an efficient, singular, normalized security data fabric.

Develop a more cost-effective threat hunting budget
Develop a more cost-effective threat hunting budget

Threat hunting programs are operationally expensive. DataBee enables security operation center (SOC) analysts and threat hunters to run simple and advanced queries on-demand and in parallel, as they dip into a single data repository. In addition to more predictable resource allocation, DataBee processes high-volume data sources and security-rich insights from disparate tools to create a single, shared dataset, giving hunters access to as much data as they need for analysis.

Focus on the hunt, not on getting data ready
Focus on the hunt, not on getting data ready

Accelerate investigation efforts by focusing threat hunters on their strengths—identifying and neutralizing threats, rather than preparing data for analysis. DataBee parses through datasets, correlates between data points, and transforms into the Open Cybersecurity Schema Framework (OCSF). DataBee helps make digital forensics and incident response (DFIR) more straightforward by operationalizing security data and getting usable insights that often arrive to security teams in multiple formats, filetypes, and unique syntaxes.

Write rules once for faster threat detection
Write rules once for faster threat detection

Enhance your security workflows and stop sifting through noise. DataBee’s Active Detection Streams applie Sigma rules and detection chains to data over the stream, sending logs that trigger a DataBee Finding for further investigations. Built with native Sigma rules support, DataBee enables you to write correlation rules once without needing to update log parsers or vendor-specific security detection content.

What makes DataBee a standout for threat hunting

DataBee products powered by the Hive

DataBee for Continuous Controls Monitoring (CCM)

Strengthen all three lines of defense by automating and collaborating on security controls that help you close compliance gaps faster with DataBee CCM

DataBee for PCI-DSS 4.0 preparedness

Prepare for fast-approaching PCI-DSS 4.0 audit deadlines with less stress using prebuilt dashboards that provide a consistent view of controls compliance

DataBee for Security Threats

Feel confident in your security coverage with insights and context across users and devices for all security events.

DataBee for Security Hygiene

Improve your organization’s security hygiene with more accurate insights into the assets in your environment.
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