Discover a smarter, faster, all-in-one Direct-To-Consumer solution and rapidly launch a world-class OTT video experience.

Content providers of all types are working to develop an effective over-the-top, direct-to-customer strategy to stay competitive, monetize quality content, and build deeper levels of engagement between audience and brand. These efforts are often thwarted by complexity, cost, and performance issues caused by stitching together disparate partners and technology stacks. 

Comcast Technology Solutions Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) solution addresses these challenges head-on with a flexible, turnkey platform that enables you to quickly launch OTT apps to any screen, and to maximize monetization models. The complete solution allows you to easily evolve and continuously tune your OTT experiences to deliver the highest quality user-experience, an optimized total cost of ownership (TCO), and to maximize the lifetime value of your audience. 

Discover the Comcast Technology Solutions Direct-to-Consumer solution and build your unique identity as an online destination powered by industry-proven innovations and best practices.

Flexible, Scalable, Streamlined Solution to Increase Success
  • Easily develop and deploy stunning multi-screen app experiences with out-of-the-box, pre-integrated UX partners. Easily evolve these experiences over time with no throw-away investment.
  • Streamline processes with a single workflow for all media, TV metadata, transcoding, DRM, and merchandising.
  • Enable a robust monetization suite that provides true business model agility:
    • Support any business model — Subscription-based (SVOD), Transaction-based (TVOD), and Advertising-based (AVOD) monetization, or a combination to fit your business need
    • Frictionless storefront
    • Multiple currency and language support
    • Multi-business model support
  • Use our multi-CDN delivery capability to optimize your delivery across multiple CDN platforms including the Comcast CDN.
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