Linear video has evolved right along with viewers.

“Watching TV” means a lot more today than it used to. Always-on, linear programming is a valuable, lucrative addition to content offerings. Comcast Technology Solutions has the experience and technology to provide a suite of services that bring channel creation, acquisition, delivery, and management into the future of multi-platform video. Simplified, automated processes and cloud-based media processing streamline content prep and delivery from anywhere in the world. Advanced techniques enable providers and distributors to combine static video on demand (VOD) assets and live feeds into exciting new pop-up channels.

Programmers and providers who are looking for new ways to showcase content, or connect viewers to programs for the first time, now have tremendous flexibility in how they can differentiate their content offerings. A linear experience provides unique advantages to viewer retention and monetization efforts:

  • Maintaining “share of eyeball” – broadcasters align new shows with existing high-performing ones for a reason: people will stick with a channel if they like what they’re watching. Expanding your presence with linear channels is also a great way to add depth and choice for viewers.
  • Always-on advertising: With VOD experiences, ads aren’t presented until someone chooses a specific program. Linear provides a reliable stream of ad revenue opportunities for a channel that’s found “a niche to scratch” – an audience to grow.
  • Deeper connection with individuals: People still have favorite channels. In the U.S. today, 87% of TV viewing is still live, and across 17 million Comcast households, average TV time has risen 6% over 2018 to reach almost six and a half hours daily. The takeaway? People keep watching.

A good way to look at linear vs. VOD is to think of it as how viewers exercise their unprecedented levels of choice: folks get to choose either what program to watch, or what channel to be served.

It’s here in this space that content providers have better ways to be the winning choice on either side of the coin, whether they’re acquiring and delivering media feeds, or creating a custom channel by utilizing their own VOD assets in creative new ways.

the Live Linear Suite

Channel Delivery

Acquire, process and deliver broadcast-quality channels over the internet

Linear Rights Management

Honor programmer obligations and generate new revenue with Linear Rights Metadata Management (LRM).

Virtual Channel

Create a new way to monetize VOD and live content by adding a dynamic virtual channel to your digital experience.
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