“Watching TV” means a lot more today than it used to. Always-on, linear programming represents a valuable, lucrative addition to content offerings.

Comcast Technology Solutions has the experience and technology to provide a suite of services that bring channel creation, acquisition, delivery, and management into the future of multiplatform video.

Simplified, automated processes and cloud-based media processing streamline content prep and delivery from anywhere in the world.

Our suite facilitates easy management of content rights so you can integrate assets, maximize revenue, and streamline operations:

  • Centralized control: Reduce costs while improving responsiveness to changing business needs. Comcast Technology Solutions makes this possible through cloud-based integrated systems with features that provide visibility into system operations and include built-in escalation and resolution management. The result is greater accuracy, faster response time, and fewer resources needed to manage processes.
  • Live streaming: Receiving live streams for processing or delivering consumer-ready live streams is easier than ever with cloud encoding and distribution. Viewing live channels and live events on any screen is a simple and seamless experience for viewers and simple to integrate thanks to our secure, end-to-end solutions approach.
  • Channel origination: Originate channels from special interests and single show channels to full broadcast channels, using file-based assets and our versatile platform. Featuring everything from scheduling, playout, graphic branding, live input, and premium quality encoding, you have the tools to operate cloud playout with ease.
  • Scale: A streaming service needs the ability to scale to compete locally or globally. With Comcast Technology Solutions’ Live Linear Suite, you can acquire, process, and deliver broadcast-quality channels to anywhere. You also can launch, manage, and monetize your streaming experiences to any device. As your service expands, you can manage the distribution of your high-value content, allowing you to honor programmer obligations while generating new revenue streams. With Comcast Technology Solutions, you can achieve economies of scale to save on infrastructure costs while increasing your access to incoming feeds and delivery endpoints for both broadcast and streaming.

With Live Linear Suite, your business has cutting edge ways to be the winning choice, whether they’re acquiring and delivering media feeds, or creating custom channels utilizing VOD assets in creative new ways.

the Live Linear Suite

Channel Delivery

Acquire, process and deliver broadcast-quality channels over the internet

Virtual Channel

Create a new way to monetize VOD and live content by adding a dynamic virtual channel to your digital experience.
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