Can we still call it TV?

Our relationship with video has grown exponentially; no one could have predicted where we would be today back in the days of a four-channel, living-room-only experience. It still feels familiar to come home and put a program on that we’re not really watching, while we cook, do laundry, or talk to our children. It’s so hard to quantify that the very definition of TV has evolved to include all manner of devices and content platforms.

The "nuts and bolts" of launching, managing, and monetizing across platforms.

Get your live content online with a comprehensive, turnkey solution that allows content providers to quickly launch, manage, and monetize. The OTT Streaming and Processing service helps traditional and online video content providers navigate the complex workflows of streaming video and saves time and money over managing multiple vendor hand-offs.

Flexible and powerful features

As a full-service solution for streaming online or as modular components, Comcast Technology Solutions' linear streaming services support everything from a single over-the-top (OTT) simulcast to a complete TV Everywhere (TVE) experience.

Proven infrastructure and integrated workflows

From content acquisition to delivery and playout, our proven linear infrastructure and online video platform work in concert with Comcast’s network and CDN in a comprehensive end-to-end solution.

Simplify and monetize VOD assets

Optimize the Nielsen C3/C7 monetization window with live-to-VOD capabilities. VOD assets can be “cut” in real-time from a live online stream, and then stored, published and distributed based on specific licensing and business rules, or to enable DVR-like features within a linear playback experience.

Unmatched quality and reliability

Enjoy the peace of mind having your service operate in a fully redundant and continuously monitored operations infrastructure and support utilized by Comcast’s own video business. Hundreds of existing mezzanine feeds running through our carrier-grade facilities can be converted into the highest quality possible for streaming online.

OTT Streaming and Processing

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