Acquire and deliver channels anywhere or originate your own.

Programmers and providers now have tremendous flexibility in how they can augment and differentiate their content offerings while also getting them to every screen on time, accurately and in the highest quality. Linear experiences through Comcast Technology Solutions, whether fully managed or self-serve solutions, provide unique advantages to viewer retention and monetization efforts.

Maintain and grow viewership
Broadcasters align new shows with existing high-performing ones for a reason: people will stick with a channel if they like what they’re watching. Expanding your presence with linear channels is also a great way to add depth and choice for viewers.
Always-on advertising
With VOD experiences, ads aren’t presented until someone chooses a specific program. Linear provides a reliable stream of revenue opportunities with ads interspersed throughout the content for a channel that’s found “a niche to scratch” – an audience to grow.
Streamlined operations
It’s easier than ever before for content providers to manage linear operations, even as regional destinations become more unique and device ecosystems get more complicated. You can command and control everything seamlessly – and apply more focus to the experiences you want to serve.


the Live Linear Suite

Channel Delivery

Add more channels to your lineup.

Linear Processing

Streaming experiences to any device.

Linear Rights Management

The industry standard for metadata.

Live Events Origination

Stream live events in broadcast quality.

Managed Channel Origination

Simplify content acquisition.

EMEA Managed Channel Origination

Managed Channel Origination for EMEA – and beyond

Virtual / FAST Channels

Give fans a reason to keep watching.

The evolution of live linear video

“Watching TV” means a lot more today than it used to. Always-on, linear programming represents a valuable, lucrative addition to any content offerings. 

Content providers around the world leverage our experience and technology through a suite of services that bring channel creation, acquisition, origination, delivery, and management into the future of multi-platform video. We help them get the most value out of their content.

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