Deliver live events with a fully managed service from signal through delivery.

Live events are only live once, which makes seamlessly delivering them to the audience crucial. The fully managed service offers live event streaming directly to consumers over the Internet. Comcast Technology Solutions provides signal acquisition, post-production services, content processing, and enables multi-CDN distribution.

Flexible suite of powerful features

As a full-service solution for streaming online or as modular components, the Video Platform’s live event streaming services support everything from a single over-the-top (OTT) simulcast to a complete TV Everywhere (TVE) experience.

Unmatched quality and reliability

Enjoy the peace of mind having your service operate in a fully redundant and continuously monitored operations infrastructure and support utilized by Comcast’s own video business. Hundreds of existing mezzanine feeds running through our carrier-grade facilities can be converted into the highest quality possible for streaming online.

Proven infrastructure and integrated workflows

From content acquisition to delivery and playout, our proven infrastructure and mpx online video management system work in concert with Comcast’s network and CDN in a comprehensive end-to-end solution.

High-End Service

We offer high-end service from production to distribution including dedicated event engineers to ensure your live event is streamed without a hitch. 

Live Event Streaming At a Glance

Support traditional signal acquisition, and carry the same broadcast level quality throughout the entire event workflow.
Deliver directly to your end users over the Internet or to your distribution affiliates over traditional broadcast infrastructure including satellite uplink, fiber transport, or IP over the Internet.
End-to-end service includes signal acquisition, post-production services, content processing, and enables multi-CDN distribution.
Dedicated event engineers allows customers to focus on what they do best – content production and user experience, no broadcast experts needed.
Fully managed service from redundant signal acquisition through delivery or "a la carte" service options. 
Simulated live events uses file-based assets added to a playout server and processed as live. To an end user, it seems like a live event.

Better Together

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