| March 21, 2024

SVG New Sponsor Spotlight: Comcast Technology Solution’s Peter Gibson on Activating Content Via AI Tools

The Sports Video Group is delighted to welcome Comcast Technology Solutions as a new premier sponsor. In an era of live streaming and high-leverage digital video delivery products, its critical to work with a partner that’s proven its ability to perform during the world’s biggest events. As a part of the Comcast family, Comcast Technology Solutions aims to bring all of the technological might and brainpower from Comcast to the rest of the media world.

In this edition of the SVG New Sponsor Spotlight, we speak with Peter Gibson, VP, Product for Comcast Technology Solutions to discuss the latest offerings in the company’s product line [including VideoAI, a tool Built on Comcast’s AI/ML infrastructure that scans video content to derive information from assets to create actionable metadata], what major sports properties their technologies are supporting, and what major industry trend he’s keeping an eye on this year.