5 Ways Virtual Channels Can Help Maximize Your Content Offering

Media consumption skyrockets during disruptive events, with streaming video via TV increasing by 61% on average, according to recent figures from Nielsen.

So, how do content and streaming providers meet viewers’ increasing demands for more content in the current situation? Maximizing the value of media in today’s market takes a vision that’s as creative as the content itself.

Easily turn your on-demand content assets into a new always-on channel – with or without advertising.

Are you looking for ways to maximize and monetize your content? Comcast Technology Solutions offers quickly-built tailored linear experiences with the virtual channel platform – an elegant new way to make the most out of your content library and live programming.

Stitch together a curated programming schedule and serve it to audiences seamlessly, right along with your non-linear, on-demand media. Virtual channel makes it easier and more affordable than ever to add choice, value, and revenue to your video offerings.

Why Virtual Channels?

Tailored experiences
Build an entire channel around a specific interest or audience, or set up a temporary “pop-up” channel with 24x7 programming that supports a specific live event with a combination of live and on-demand content.
Region-specific scheduling
Our approach makes it easy to handle content blackouts (like live sports limitations) or other restrictions. From a common stream, region-specific variations are built and delivered to the right screens.
One user-friendly, drag-and-drop interface to create and command your linear schedules. Define your sources, upload your assets, define your policies (regional and/or global), and launch your channel.

Can we still call it TV?

Let’s start by redefining “watching TV” simply as the consumption of linear video — programming that streams to a screen according to a defined schedule, with or without advertising. Now that our screens are no longer just in front of the couch, it’s worth asking: Beyond a truly live event like sports or news broadcasts…is linear video even relevant anymore?

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