A flexible and scalable solution to move all your TV services to the cloud.

Consumers today expect to curate their own viewing experience, seamlessly, on any device, and at any time.  Success for your business means keeping pace with evolving viewing habits and innovation in the market in order to grow and keep a loyal audience.

Heightened expectations are driving digital transformation to a world where the delivery medium is irrelevant. Our Cloud TV Suite enables your whole TV experience, both broadcast and OTT, to be delivered from the cloud, reducing duplication and operational expenses, increasing efficiency, and unifying the user experience 

The Cloud TV Suite unites the best of our SaaS services and partner technologies to deliver a fully featured, modular, and flexible TV system. Our real-world experience can help deliver maximum value throughout the lifetime of your investment.

Adapt to a turbulent market
Converge services to reduce overhead
Unify user experience to boost retention
Data-driven pricing innovations

WRC takes the checkered flag with new video experiences

Adapt to an ever-changing market
Our platform is infinitely flexible.

A turbulent market that’s full of opportunity for innovation and revenue growth means your service will need constant adaptation to stay fresh.

Building your service on our technology means your Cloud TV platform will never constrain your roadmap ambitions.

Unified User Experience
Deliver an improved and empathetic customer experience.

Convergence of digital and broadcast workflows significantly reduces the doubling up of efforts, drives savings and increases operational efficiencies creating an ecosystem that is both flexible and controllable.

New Revenue Streams
Don’t get caught out by changing market conditions.

Differentiate your service with business models that help to drive up ARPU, based on how your catalogue is performing, such as blended advertising and commerce monetisation that’s out of reach of general-purpose e-commerce platforms.

Managed Services
Our experience helps extract maximum value.

We are a trusted peer that has already successfully navigated this digital transformation with our own platforms.

Our ongoing business and technical consultancy can help you to extract maximum value from your investment, leaving you to focus on your content and branding.


the Cloud TV Suite

Cloud Video Platform

Manage, monetize, and publish to the cloud.


Business models as agile as your audience.


Know your content, grow your audience.

OTT Digital Distribution

Streamline OTT content processing.


Automate actionable metadata to connect, engage & monetize at scale.

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