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November 23, 2018

Comcast Technology Solutions Certified Partners Program

Andrew Bray, Senior Technical Partnership Manager

Video standards and customer expectations are constantly evolving and new technology solutions are required to stay competitive.  There are more than a dozen platforms on which consumers watch video, each with support for varying video streaming, caption, and digital rights management (DRM) formats, not to mention application development APIs and platform capabilities. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are profoundly changing our understanding of not only user behavior and your business’s health, but the content itself. Monetizing your video content requires ever greater sophistication, not only by providing different business models (AVOD, TVOD, SVOD, XVOD), but also optimizing customer acquisition and retention (CRM, paid and organic search, social). Distribution must be scaled, and measured to ensure timely delivery, no buffering, and fast time to first frame.

Video is hard to do right, and the consistent quality of every video experience is foundational to a healthy consumer lifetime value. Choosing the right mix of vendors and partners to launch a video solution is critical to commercial success. Comcast Technology Solutions is fortunate to partner with leading technology providers across the industry, and around the globe, to deliver best-in-class experiences to our customers, and our customers’ customers. To that end, we’re excited to announce the launch of the Comcast Technology Solutions Certified Partner Program to address these complexities.


We work closely with our Certified Partners across a broad ecosystem of specialties to ensure the most consistently reliable, trusted, and cost-effective integrations with Comcast Technology Solutions’ portfolio of products and services. Together with our Certified Partners, we continually assess, improve, and evolve our joint offerings to ensure our customers benefit from rapid time-to-market, and our combined, emerging roadmap updates.

  • When our customers select a Certified Partner, they are assured that the partner’s product integration into Comcast Technology Solutions’ technology stack is well-scoped, follows our best practices, and has passed rigorous technical validation.
  • Certified partners receive training and support on our technologies, as well as guidance on each project from initial product integration all the way through to customer delivery.
  • Partner integrations are evaluated and certified for technical compliance, as well as for transparency and alignment across our sales, marketing, product, and delivery teams.
  • All Certified Partners build their integrations against the same set of Comcast Technology Solutions specifications, which ensures a level playing field where partner product solutions can predictably interoperate, differentiate and shine.


Our initial launch of Certified Partners includes industry leading partners in the Audience Insights & Analytics and UX & Application space.

Jump TVS, Streamhub, and Wicket Labs each offer unique solutions to enable audience measurement and rich insights, as well as the overall health of the business.

Accedo and Diagnal are experts in video application development, offering a variety of products and solutions that will grow with every business.

We are proud to welcome them to the program. Comcast Technology Solutions and our Certified Partners across the ecosystem enable customers to put more focus on their business, and less on their technology stack. Because Certified Partners’ solutions are well scoped and vetted, our customers know what they are getting, and when they are going to get it. By deploying Certified Partners’ solutions, Comcast Technology Solutions customers realize faster time-to-market and thus time-to-value.

  • If you’re a current customer looking for a well-integrated partner solution, take a look at our current roster of Certified Partners here.
  • If you’re a partner or vendor who is interested in bringing your solution closer together with Comcast Technology Solutions’ products and services through our Certification program, contact us!