3Play Media

3Play Media’s round trip integration with mpx provides an automated workflow for captioning, transcription, and subtitling.


Accedo is a trusted video experience transformation pioneer improving the lives of video consumers by the hundreds of millions. Accedo partners with Comcast Technology Solutions to provide out-of-the-box integration to the D2C solution UX layer.

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The Adstream integration gives you a one stop shop for all international deliveries. In conjunction with Adstream, our ad distribution service is able to distribute across multiple media channels, checking against regional specifications and standards, for more than 116 countries.


Comcast Technology Solutions and Aspera teamed up to provide mpx users with an Aspera plug-in for the Remote Media Processor 2 (RMP2) allowing video content to be delivered at maximum speed.

Automatic Synch Technologies—CaptionSync

With CaptionSync by Automatic Sync Technologies, you can expect fast, affordable and accurate captioning, transcripts, translation and video search data, available through an easy-to-use workflow integration with mpx. 

Bottle Rocket

Bottle Rocket is a full-service mobile solutions provider, focused on creating handcrafted apps for the world’s most discriminating brands. 

Comcast Spotlight

Comcast Technology Solutions partnership with Spotlight brings great value to our customers. All Spotlight destinations are complementary deliveries with our ad distribution service.


Digital Analytix Enterprise combines the best of analytics and audience demographics to give you unparalleled data access and visibility into the characteristics of your entire user base.

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ContentWise is the software for one-to-one personalization of TV and Video services. ContentWise works as a plug-in of the mpx Player Development Kit (thePlatform PDK) and connects to the mpx API so that customers can benefit from a simple one-step automatic integration.

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Conviva Viewer Insights brings this real-time monitoring to the mpx console to give customers an unparalleled, third party look into the performance of their video delivery and how it impacts audience engagement. 

Coull Vidlinkr

For publishers using mpx, Coull Vidlinkr is the easy way to switch on an additional, lucrative and sustainable new revenue stream. Utilizing a unique approach to deep classification of video content Coull Vidlinkr delivers branded in-video overlays that are contextually relevant to your video content, the type of person watching it, their location and device. 

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DIBS has developed payment solutions since the early days of ecommerce. Today, they make their experience available to their customers, striving to fulfill their needs. 


Digitalsmiths provides the industry’s most comprehensive video discovery platform, offering personalized search, recommendations, social discovery, mood discovery, sports discovery and a business console for all connected devices.


The Drupal Module was built on our powerful APIs and provides customers with the ability to plug mpx directly into their Drupal instance.

ECN (Entertainment Communications Network)

The ECN integration allows Comcast Technology Solutions customers to utilize ECN’s reputable traffic instruction delivery and confirmation services, ensuring that ads have reached and been acknowledged at their destination. ECN is the trusted traffic partner for hundreds of leading ad agencies.

EPAM Empathy Lab

EPAM Empathy Lab, is focused on driving breakthrough omni-channel commerce strategies and experiences that deliver unparalleled ROI for Fortune 500 and fast-growth organizations around the world.

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FreeWheel MRM

FreeWheel is the leading provider of the enterprise level solutions the premium video economy needs to thrive in the evolving media landscape. FreeWheel has partnered with Comcast Technology Solutions to create an integration that allows for full utilization of FreeWheel’s MRM interface and ad management platform.

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Google Widevine DRM

Widevine digital rights management (DRM) and mpx enable secure distribution and protection of multimedia content to a wide range of devices. mpx is CWIP certified.

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HaulStars has partnered with Comcast Technology Solutions to create an integration that allows for full utilization of the HaulStars interactive and shoppable interface and analytics dashboard through the HaulStars mpx Player plugin.

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Hemisphere Interactive

Hemisphere is an interactive agency that designs and builds specialized web solutions for local and international clients. Hemisphere has delivered a number of video players for HiT Entertainment and News Digital Media across their various brands and properties.


Publish to Hulu through the mpx connector feature. Hulu is an online video service that offers a selection of hit TV shows, clips, movies and more on the free, ad-supported service, and the subscription service Hulu Plus.


INSIDE Secure is a leading designer, developer and supplier of software and semiconductor solutions for securing transactions, content and digital identity.

Internet Video Archive

Internet Video Archive (IVA) is the leading provider of online trailers and previews with thousands of customers and suppliers and more than 8 billion plays delivered. IVA makes accessing the video catalog via mpx simple and seamless.

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IRIS.TV Adaptive Stream™

Powered by Adaptive Stream™, IRIS.TV integrates with your video player and utilizes adaptive machine learning to programmatically deliver the right video content to the right viewer continuously and in real time.

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iTunes Podcasts

Publish to iTunes Podcasts through the mpx connector feature. The iTunes Store offers over 100,000 podcast episodes from independent creators and big names like HBO, NPR, ESPN, The Onion, CBS Sports, and The New York Times.


MediaMorph helps manage the business of digital entertainment for film and television studios. MediaMorph’s plug-in to mpx Player Development Kit (PDK) sends tracking events for ad impressions, clicks, and video starts/completes to MediaMorph’s web server.

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Microsoft® PlayReady®

Comcast Technology Solutions offers end-to-end support for PlayReady DRM including content packaging, and license generation along with playback of protected content via a plug-in for the mpx Player.

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Cloud Video Editing solution Mixmoov works with mpx in supporting full HD video.


Comcast Technology Solutions collaborated with Nielsen to validate that their online video publishing solutions successfully preserve Nielsen’s audio watermarks, allowing online publishing of premium, ad-supported video content.

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Northpoint Solutions

Northpoint Solutions focuses on delivering scalable content and community solutions to organizations that drive revenue through online initiatives.


Ostmodern are digital product designers, video-on-demand specialists, and content delivery experts.

PayPal Express Checkout

Express Checkout is made to work with the most popular shopping carts, including Cafe Commerce, Vistaprint and ECommerce Templates.

PayPal PayFlow Gateway

Connect a fully customizable payment gateway with your Internet merchant account to accept credit card and PayPal payments directly on your site.


Through our partnership with RAMP, content publishers are able to drive enhanced workflow, discovery, engagement, and monetization of online audio and video. RAMP’s SaaS-based Content Optimization solution, MediaCloud™, includes proprietary, patented technology for generating text transcripts and rich, time-code metadata on video content.

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Publish to Roku through the mpx connector feature. Roku is a leading supplier of innovative and easy to use digital media products.

SDI Media

SDI Media is the world’s leading media localization provider, offering dubbing, subtitling, and media services for international, regional, and local content owners, aggregators, broadcasters, and new media distributors.


Through an integration with mpx, you can cut highlights from live TV broadcasts and live streaming events and share them to Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, second screen apps, and your websites within seconds of them happening live.

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SpotX Video Advertising

SpotX is a video inventory management platform for premium publishers and broadcasters, helping them manage all of their demand sources from one place, and monetize content across all screens.


Strata’s sTraffic easy traffic management integration with our ad distribution service makes it simple to convert a media buy into traffic instructions all within one platform.


Streamhub provides you real-time big data insights to enable you to effectively acquire and retain your viewers. Through Streamhub’s plug-in integration into the mpx Player Development Kit (PDK) and the mpx API, Comcast Technology Solutions customers can benefit from a simple one-step integration reducing disruption and operational cost.

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The Filter

The Filter offers content owners, publishers and aggregators powerful relevance systems and reliable recommendation tools. Specializing in entertainment optimization, The Filter is proven to increase the value of catalogues and audiences, making services more efficient and competitive.

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The TEAM Companies

The TEAM Companies integration with our Ad Distribution product helps customers stay compliant and adhere to talent rights with a simple integration with their systems that manage talent payment and more. 


Toolbox’s partnership with Comcast Technology Solutions ensures the most complete, efficient, automated and flexible end-to-end content management system that simplifies your workflow.

TV App Agency's TV App Engine

TV App Agency has partnered with Comcast Technology Solutions to integrate a leading video management system into the TV App Engine to provide seamless streaming capabilities. This simple integration enables content from mpx users to be easily accessible through a TV App across multiple smart TV platforms maximizing reach and making the transition onto OTT applications simpler, faster and far more cost effective.

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VIP WordPress

VIP knows WordPress. As the operators of the biggest WordPress website on the internet, they have an expertise in running the entire stack for companies that have websites based on the WordPress platform.

Visible World

Visible World enables addressable and programmatic TV advertising that is relevant to consumers, more effective for advertisers, and more valuable for ad inventory. Our partnership leverages automated versioning associated with targeted offers and calls-to-action, making is easy and cost efficient to create versions and further target ads. 


Joint customers of Watchwith and Comcast Technology Solutions can now quickly and easily deploy in-program content and advertising through the Watchwith mpx Player plugin.

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Watchwith Everywhere

Watchwith, a trusted Comcast Technology Solutions partner, provides TV networks with a proven Advanced TV platform to create, schedule and deliver perfectly timed in-program advertising and audience engagement.

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The WordPress-certified plugin will let you efficiently publish and manage your online video content with mpx directly in your WordPress-based website.


Based on more than a decade of experience, XroadMedia have created Ncanto, an innovative and revolutionary content discovery and recommendation solution to enable service providers to provide relevant content to consumers based on the users’ viewing behavior, interests and social profiles.

You.i TV

You.i Engine integrates mpx directly with You.i Engine One so you don’t have manage integrations across endless devices using multiple development agencies.

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YuMe, Inc. is a leading provider of digital video brand advertising solutions, which include video ad network Connected Audience Network (CAN) and video ad serving platform YuMe For Publishers (YFP).


Zentrick‘s integration with mpx allows companies to leverage Zentrick’s industry-leading interactive video capabilities seamlessly within mpx workflows.

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